Knight Horse
Bryce Baker

Book Title: Knight Horse
Price: US $17.99, CAN $19.99
Author: Bryce Baker
ISBN No: 9781942981077

U.S. Marshal Harden is down, but not dead. Can he return from the other side?

Faith and iron will determination mixed with a heavy dose of love can have miraculous results.

William Harden is a modern day, old school US Marshal who was born and raised in the back country of Texas. Tracking the bad guys is a simple matter for him, with nature as a teacher and a guide. But an ambush during a routine rural search takes a violent turn that puts him in the Intensive Care Unit anticipating death.

Though he is forced into retirement due to his injury, his fortitude to heal has surprising results and he is now saddling up on the KNIGHT HORSE. But he is not riding solo as Jill refuses to take a back seat to anyone. Her input, unwelcome at the beginning, becomes vital to the mission.

And the Knight Horse, with the enhancements provided by Jill's expertise, becomes an astonishing effective weapon against the bad guys.

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About The Author
Bryce grew up in the back country of northern Ontario, Canada. Being close to nature and learning tracking skills had a strong influence on his career in criminal investigation and body guarding. He learned all about his prey and searched for clues. Not so different from the city, tracking the 'bad guys'. It was just another forest to play in. This life experience also strongly influences his writing.